Do you know this man?

Our Very Own Eye In The Sky

Commenting on industry trends alongside the fantastic customers that we have the pleasure of spotlighting, we realized that something is missing. The reason we’re great at what we do is because of the people behind Falcker, and that’s why today … Read More

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A business is a lot like a kid.

Growing Up In 2022

Sitting down with CEOs, there aren’t many that we’ve met that would draw a comparison between their business and their children. Luckily, our CEO isn’t like the rest, and with his vision, we’ve had a brilliant 2022 and are set … Read More

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Can you smell that? It’s progress.

Gas Emission Detection – The Perfect Example of Us

Finding new technologies, incorporating them into what we offer customers, and developing them to meet the ongoing needs of the industries we serve is at the core of Falcker. One of the systems we offer – ongoing development – has … Read More

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Exciting partnerships don’t happen every day, look at this.

Falcker Partners With SkyeBase

It’s always a pleasure to meet like-minded people and businesses, and even better when you recognize how much you can help one another. We’ve recently partnered with SkyeBase to expand our collective reach and deliver better services to customers, both … Read More

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Showing off the tech

Falcker Demo Days Are About More Than Showing Off

We were recently lucky enough to show the true value of our tech to a lot of customers and prospects, all at once. Our Demo Day, which is set to become a repeat event, actually did us the world of … Read More

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Have you met TOM? We’ll introduce you.

TOM’s Great, Let Us Introduce You

Alright, TOM isn’t technically a person, but it is a brilliant tool for asset management. We had to shorten it from Tank Optimization Matrix because that’s not very catchy now, is it? TOM was brought to life out of a … Read More

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Here’s a recent event we won’t forget any time soon.

An Event To Remember

One of the biggest events in inspection and maintenance robotics has just taken place, and it was nothing short of excellent. The SPRINT Robotics World Conference For Inspection and Maintenance Robots is one of the highlights of our calendar, and … Read More

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The Robotics Challenge Was A Big Leap Forward

The Robotics Challenge Was A Big Leap Forward

The recent SPRINT Robotics Fitness Challenge gave us a chance to test the latest and greatest robotics tech out there. It’s fair to say that each and every partner brought a champion solution that could find itself in the very … Read More

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We’re winners. More than once in fact.

It’s Showtime!

StocExpo was the first time the whole storage assets industry has been together, physically, in a room for a few years. For us, the event was a 3-day celebration of all the great things going on in the sector. And … Read More

Featured Post Robotized asset inspections in 2022: rolling, walking and flying

Inspectors have to go to great lengths to take measurements on hard-to-reach places on industrial sites. But in 2022, rolling, walking and flying robots can largely take care of these dangerous tasks. This became abundantly clear during the SPRINT Robotics … Read More

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