Our Solution

Software tools which help to detect asset deficiencies and degradation allowing for quantitative insight to improve asset life cycle planning, ROI and reduce environmental risks.


Drones and robotics

Autonomous unmanned vehicles (UAV) help to gain inspection data from hard to reach or unsafe areas and ensure consistent inspection

3D Visualisation

Digitalization of the assets help to map the gained data to asset components and allow visual rich user navigation to perform analysis. Field inspection can be supported using augmented reality on ATEX (explosion proof) tablets or holo-lens.

Deep learning

Computer vision, artificial intelligence algorithms and deep learning techniques allow to auto detect potential deficiencies and predict degradations for optimal maintenance planning

Multi spectral cameras

Advanced cameras using a combination of RGB, Infrared and FLIR allow to recognize material degradation, gas emissions, temperature (isolation) and deformation.

Our Software

What Falcker will provide is software which allows intelligent analysis of sensory data Specifically drone photos of oil tanks.


  • Oil Terminals

  • Refineries

  • Civil Engineering

  • Chemical plants

  • Wind Turbines


  • Easy

    Reduces manual complex
    analysis tasks.

  • Fast

    Increase time to

  • Accessible

    Always available, fully cloud
    based both web and mobile.

  • Safe

    Unmanned entrance in dangerous areas

  • Fully Integrated

    Connectors to industry leading
    software solutions and open
    web API’s.

Case study

Falcker delivers the digitalization of the Oil Tank inspection program of the MOT in the harbor of Rotterdam. The MOT is a joint venture between Shell, BP, Esso, Aramco, Vopak and Zeeland Refinery.

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