Field of activities

Offshore-button-75x75Offshore Installations

Falcker BV can inspect equipment, pipeline systems and constructions from existing installations or during maintenance activities, based on the clients wishes and expectations.

Offshore-button-75x75Wind mills

Falcker B.V. takes care of the complete inspection package on wind mills; shaft inspections and visual inspections at the outside of wind mill blades. This is done with Drones and can be done both at onshore locations as well as on offshore locations.

Bruggen button 75x75Civil Constructions (Bridges)

Our inspectors are extremely experienced with inspections at decks of bridges. They can identify cracks both on the topside as well as at the bottom side of the deck.

sphere-button-75x75Gas Spheres

Falcker B.V. can perform inspections both on the inside as at the outside of a gas sphere. After consultation and informing the Notified Body we might be able to provide possible alternative inspection methodes. Perhaps we can inspect the spheres without the need of emptying the spheres; a so called alternative suitable examination.


Falcker  B.V. inspects pressure equipment, all other equipment, pipeline systems en storage tanks. Inspection during periodical investigation, during turnarounds and also during repairs works.

Chemical-button-75x75Chemical Production Installations

Falcker B.V. inspects all kind of equipment (except rotating equipment), pipeline systems en constructions, part of periodical examinations, during turnaround and during & after repairs works.

pipe-systems-button-75x75Pipeline Systems

Our Falcker inspectors can inspect your complete pipeline systems with all kind of inspection methods. The Falcker engineers can assist you with your dated pipeline systems, and make sure that these systems will be in compliance to all regulations.

tanks2-button-75x75Storage Tanks

Falcker B.V. can perform the complete set of inspections in accordance to EEMU 159  or API 653. The inspection data can be used by us to provide our clients with a scope for maintenance and repair or even to build a RBI system. During the repair works we can provide you with all the relevant inspections.

Joined Forces

Three companies from the iTanks Platform decided to join forces and started a new company. Falcker B.V. is performing all kind of inspections that are commonly used in the tank storage field. Falcker is working both at maintenance and repair work as well as on new build projects. At the same time Falcker B.V. can perform all inspections in relation to EEMUA 159 and API 653 during tank inspections. Partly done at tanks that are in service, partly at tanks that are taken out of service.

Falcker tank inspections

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