Monthly Archives: May 2022

Using Technology To Create Safer Environments

It’s true that every hour a person spends off-site is a safer hour. Using technology to mitigate risk should be a key strategy of modern businesses – particularly in the energy and petrochemical industry. There are different ways to look … Read More Falcker collects data with data-driven drone-in-box systems

With the help of OutSystems, Falcker takes the next step in realising its international ambitions. High-tech company Falcker retrieves inspection data from hard-to-reach and unsafe areas, such as storage tanks, with data-driven drone-in-box systems. Falcker originated in the port of … Read More

Why innovation is essential

Making changes at an oil and gas company is tough. They’re naturally risk-averse – and for good reason. With so many stakeholders, public relations considerations, and the dangerous nature of the goods themselves, driving innovation is hard. But without innovation, … Read More

Falcker helps SABIC digitize

We’re so proud of the work we’ve done with SABIC that we want to shout about it. There are themes in the project that may even resonate with you in your business. At their Geleen site in the Netherlands, SABIC … Read More