Drone Robotics


Percepto is revolutionizing the way vital infrastructure and assets are inspected and monitored. Percepto is changing the way visual data is collected and analyzed. Percepto AIM is the only end-to-end inspection and monitoring software solution that fully automates visual data workflows, from capture to insights. The uniqueness of Percepto Drone-in-a-Box is the fact that this system can be used for both inspection purposes and security applications. Falcker is the exclusive dealer in the Netherlands and we facilitate our customers to make the best use of this system.

Percepto Air

* Customizable, top-grade payload * The only DIB with OGI camera add-on * 24MP RGB and thermal camera * For inspecting and mapping the most complex industrial environments

Minimize downtime with autonomous inspections

Companies reduce O&M costs and prevent serious failures with daily, remote inspections. Autonomous drones and robots powered by Percepto Autonomous Inspection and Monitoring (AIM) leverage AI-powered algorithms to detect leaks, faults and failures right away – minimizing downtime every day.

Collaborate and act on insights

Share insights directly to other stakeholders’ smartphones, removing information bottlenecks.

Is Percepto the solution for your organisation?