Showing off the tech

Falcker Demo Days Are About More Than Showing Off

We were recently lucky enough to show the true value of our tech to a lot of customers and prospects, all at once. Our Demo Day, which is set to become a repeat event, actually did us the world of … Read More

Have you met TOM? We’ll introduce you.

TOM’s Great, Let Us Introduce You

Alright, TOM isn’t technically a person, but it is a brilliant tool for asset management. We had to shorten it from Tank Optimization Matrix because that’s not very catchy now, is it? TOM was brought to life out of a … Read More

Here’s a recent event we won’t forget any time soon.

An Event To Remember

One of the biggest events in inspection and maintenance robotics has just taken place, and it was nothing short of excellent. The SPRINT Robotics World Conference For Inspection and Maintenance Robots is one of the highlights of our calendar, and … Read More

The Robotics Challenge Was A Big Leap Forward

The Robotics Challenge Was A Big Leap Forward

The recent SPRINT Robotics Fitness Challenge gave us a chance to test the latest and greatest robotics tech out there. It’s fair to say that each and every partner brought a champion solution that could find itself in the very … Read More Falcker collects data with data-driven drone-in-box systems

With the help of OutSystems, Falcker takes the next step in realising its international ambitions. High-tech company Falcker retrieves inspection data from hard-to-reach and unsafe areas, such as storage tanks, with data-driven drone-in-box systems. Falcker originated in the port of … Read More

Why innovation is essential

Making changes at an oil and gas company is tough. They’re naturally risk-averse – and for good reason. With so many stakeholders, public relations considerations, and the dangerous nature of the goods themselves, driving innovation is hard. But without innovation, … Read More

Falcker helps SABIC digitize

We’re so proud of the work we’ve done with SABIC that we want to shout about it. There are themes in the project that may even resonate with you in your business. At their Geleen site in the Netherlands, SABIC … Read More

Falcker: The Why

Falcker provides the energy industry with the tech and tools needed to assess their equipment. Working with the world’s biggest energy companies they’ve helped these giants save time and money as well as increase safety and compliance. But, what’s their … Read More

Dronewatch: Falcker gets green light for BVLOS flights with drone box system from Percepto

As the first drone operator in the Netherlands, software company Falcker may start performing drone flights outside the drone pilot’s view with Percepto’s drone-in-a-box system. This clears the way for automated inspections of industrial facilities and security applications. The first … Read More