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Falcker Drone Robotics

Falcker revolutionizes the way vital infrastructure and assets are inspected and monitored. Falcker is changing the way inspections are conducted. Maintenance of your assets has never been so efficient and fun. What makes Falcker Robotics unique is the fact that we partner with the most established organizations with the best use cases in the world. In this way we can use the best resources in the air and on the ground.

Percepto Air

* Customizable, top-grade payload * The only DIB with OGI camera add-on * 24MP RGB and thermal camera * For inspecting and mapping the most complex industrial environments

Minimize downtime with autonomous inspections

Companies reduce O&M costs and prevent serious failures with daily, remote inspections. Autonomous drones and robots powered by Percepto Autonomous Inspection and Monitoring (AIM) leverage AI-powered algorithms to detect leaks, faults and failures right away – minimizing downtime every day.

Do you want to deploy robots to optimize your processes and increase safety?


End- to -end robotic solution automates industrial inspections. Anybotic robots provide plant operators the information to maximize uptime and inmprove safety while reducing costs.
ANYmal’s legs provide unparalleled mobility when moving up and down stairs, climbing over obstacles, steps, and gaps, and crawling into tight spaces. It delivers reliable performance in harsh indoor and outdoor environments and through rain, splash water, wind, snow, and dust.
Oil & gas refineries, offshore rigs, and petrochemical processing plants are demanding and often remote environments. Operators face rising cost pressure while requiring to minimise risks and secure regulatory compliance. Built on the mobility of four legs, ANYmal provides the ability to navigate challenging multi-floor industrial sites and is ruggedized for the extreme weather conditions offshore.
ANYmal autonomously navigates complex multi-story environments. Once guided through the environment, the robot remembers every detail and finds the quickest route to perform its mission. During operation, the robot’s system safely avoids obstacles and reliably moves over rough terrain.

ANYmal’s inspection payload provides visual, thermal, and acoustic insights for condition monitoring of equipment and infrastructure. The pan-tilt unit is used for scanning the environment around the robot and accurately positioning the built-in sensors for inspections of points of interest. AI-based inspection algorithms analyze the sensory data to interpret values, classify results, and detect anomalies.