Falcker And Sprint Robotics Present To A Full House At Kasteel Limbricht

We had the pleasure of working with Sprint Robotics on a recent presentation for engineers of SABIC at the historical Kasteel Limbricht – a real gem of a spot. 

The Old Meets The New

Tracing its routes back to as far as the 10th century, Kasteel Limbricht might be the most historic site we’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. Usually, we’re in the most optimized petrochemical sites, so this made a very nice change to the status quo. Over 85 technicians of SABIC attended the event to learn more about Falcker.

Many attendees of SABIC were familiar with our work. However, this event allowed us to reach a broader audience to showcase our contributions to SABIC in Geleen and the energy sector.

Our very own Thomas Schouten, CEO, led the charge with a presentation that featured everything we’re involved in, particularly our work on digital twins and how digitization can make real inroads for maintenance and the teams adjacent to those departments.

But, the highlight of the day wasn’t the presentations, although they were a close second, no it was the escort everyone had on the way to the presentation. Not content to just send people in the right direction, we called in the services of a quadruped drone, demonstrating our commitment to using great technology wherever we can.

“The setting was beautiful, the engineers were really enthusiastic, and our partner Sprint Robotics was in great form. We couldn’t have asked for any more”
Thomas Schouten, CEO, Falcker

Partnerships All The Way

We emphasized our commitment to co-creation with partners and stakeholders. Thomas passionately spoke about how Falcker co-creates with its partners and stakeholders, making sure that the solutions we develop are not just technologically advanced but also relevant to the needs of the industry. After all, if it doesn’t actually solve a problem, what’s the point.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Sprint Robotics before, they’re a not-for-profit, that has always been front and center of promoting Inspection & Maintenance (I&M) Robotics globally. Their collaborative spirit pairs well with ours, and they’re a real champion in the space. With a support base spanning over 100 organizations globally, their involvement always adds a layer of credibility and excitement to any event.

Between the amazing setting of Kasteel Limbricht, an audience so keen to learn more, and the support of Sprint Robotics, we’re very tempted to run more events like this for other customers. Watch this space!

Want to be a part of our next event? Really want to be led into a presentation by a drone? It’s possible, so get in touch with Falcker today.

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