Falcker Demo Days Are About More Than Showing Off

Showing off the tech

We were recently lucky enough to show the true value of our tech to a lot of customers and prospects, all at once. Our Demo Day, which is set to become a repeat event, actually did us the world of good because we got to show off and talk tech with the people that need it most – people from the industry.

While showing off isn’t really our thing, we do love showcasing the best tech on the market. Getting hardware out in front of customers always has a much more powerful impact than a PowerPoint, and after all, the tech we work with is pretty cool, so it tends to get the people with industry knowledge very excited.

Lots On Offer

At a secret location… we’re kidding, our demo day was held at one of our offices in Heinenoord, which apart from being a great location for lots of our prospects and customers to get to, has some very useful features for demoing our drones. It has a tank, the type you’d find at any chemical storage facility, as well as a flare stack we can use to demonstrate drone maneuverability and heat detection.

On this occasion, we had four different drones lined up to get in the air and start impressing. In no particular order were Percepto, Mapture.ai, Elios, and Skygauge. Elios is a drone in a cage that is capable of internal tank inspections, which a lot of customers are crying out for. Skygauge is a new-to-market Canadian drone that is able to take UT measurements from the outside of a tank using ultrasonic waves.

There were 16 different participants and surprisingly good weather, it really was the perfect day. Not only is it a brilliant relationship builder, but it’s also the best way to get customer feedback. In particular, the questions they ask about the tech often help us to understand what they’re really looking for, as well as what their concerns are that have so far stopped them from investing in it.

Something that the industry wants now is a drone that can take wall thickness measurements from the inside. This type of insight is critical for what we offer, but also for the industry to continue to actually deliver the solutions customers need.

This Is Just The Beginning

Because of the success of our first demo day, we’re planning only holding this three times next year, to give our customers more opportunities to see the tech on offer, and more chances for us to grab feedback and use it to fuel better products and services. Both customers and prospects will be invited, and we’re already excited to see them there.

Although the existing setup is a great way to demonstrate our inspection tech, we’re planning on making it bigger and better. By expanding the area, and adding asset features like piping racks, we’ll be able to show off just how advanced our drones are, and get prospects and customers excited about what’s to come.

Want a first-person view of the inspection tech available? Get in touch with Falcker to book your slot on our next demo day.

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