Falcker Knowledge Shares With Unabhängiger Tanklagerverband

Falcker Knowledge Shares With Unabhängiger Tanklagerverband

We’ve very recently had the pleasure of working in Germany with Unabhängiger Tanklager Verband (UTV) to share knowledge and demonstrate some of the things that we do best. To be in a room full of maintenance and safety pros doesn’t happen every day, so we definitely made the most of it. Here’s how it happened.

What Is The UTV? The Unabhängiger Tanklagerverband (UTV) acts as a representative body for independent tank storage operators in Germany, advocating for favorable legislative and regulatory conditions for the industry. Established in 1978 and based in Berlin, they also provide insights to their members on technical, energy tax, and customs law matters. UTV is a member of various industry associations both at the national and European levels, showcasing a collaborative ethos within the energy sector.

The association’s members hold a significant portion of Germany’s commercial storage capacity for petroleum and chemical products. The collective storage capacity of UTV’s members is around 12.5 million cubic meters, spread over 100 locations within Germany​. The UTV has also been engaged in discussions and provided input on various legislative drafts, displaying its active role in shaping the regulatory landscape of the tank storage industry in Germany​. 

Where We Come In

It’s safe to say UTV is a big deal in the world of tank storage, and we were very excited to be invited to present its members with the Falcker offering, as well as share best practices for the maintenance and safety experts that the various members sent along.

To kick things off we ran through our history, the type of customers that we’ve worked with to build out our knowledge and technology –  like Vopak, BP, and SABIC – as well as our vision of a more efficient and safer asset inspection system for tank storage operators. The message was well received, especially when one of our customers – UNItank – was actually in the audience.

Better Together

Working with industry associations like UTV is such a pleasure because it’s a space for discussion and knowledge sharing. Sure, we want to show what we’re doing and speak to members about how we might be able to help them. But, in the first instance, at events like this, we want to offer value and insight into some great ways to improve maintenance and asset inspection, that don’t just help teams and businesses, but the wider industry.

We followed our presentation with a Q&A session with all the experts in the room. While it was brilliant to try to impart some of what we’ve learned, it was equally helpful for members to exchange operating best practices including the challenges, and how to overcome them. That’s the great thing about working with industry associations – we’re all better together.

Want to know more about our work in tank storage asset inspection? We’re ready to chat any time, no matter where you are in your asset inspection journey.

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