Falcker Partners With SkyeBase

Exciting partnerships don’t happen every day, look at this.

It’s always a pleasure to meet like-minded people and businesses, and even better when you recognize how much you can help one another. We’ve recently partnered with SkyeBase to expand our collective reach and deliver better services to customers, both new and old.

Antwerp and Rotterdam are two of the biggest petrochemical clusters in the world, and so having coverage in both is key to expansion. SkyeBase is a Belgian-based service provider of drone & robot inspections and industrial inspection platforms, and we’re already beginning to see the power of this partnership as we’re both able to work to expand our offerings into Belgium and the Netherlands respectively.

“SkyeBase’s vision is aligned with ours. We can help broaden one another’s portfolio, work together to develop new services, and deliver better levels of customer support than we could on our own. We’re so excited to take this partnership into 2023, and beyond.”

Thomas Schouten, CEO, Falcker

Origin Story

Jean-Louis Weemaes is one of the co-founders of SkyeBase and their CEO. Starting in 2020 in Belgium, he and three others founded the business on the back of experience in robots, drones, data platforms and AI, all for use in industrial inspections. Sound familiar? Well, that’s right, they’ve got a very similar setup to us – maybe that’s why we get on so well?

We signed up with one another to act in partnership from the end of summer 2022. We are combining drones, AI, and platforms for industrial inspections and because of the new partnership, we can now start to grow our presence in Belgium.

The challenge for Falcker, and every other business in the market, is demonstrating that the technology we offer is worth having now. Many of the organizations we work with are large multinationals that take a long time to make changes. When speaking with agile, smaller firms, it’s a quick process. Part of accelerating change in large businesses is both demonstrating expertise through partnerships, and being able to offer more services and a stronger offering.

It’s easier to get sign-off higher up in a business because very often people doing the work our solutions help with are worried we’re trying to make them redundant. Far from it. Both Falcker and SkyeBase are committed to helping people focus on more interesting jobs.

“There’s strength in numbers, but of course, the most important thing to do is legitimize the industry together and use our shared experience to both grow in an emerging market. Falcker’s level of professionalism is clear. It’s a big part of why we’ve partnered with them.”

Jean-Louis Weemaes, CEO, SkyeBase

Stronger Together

Because there are a lot of startups/scale-ups in drone inspection and data platforms, we all need to develop our expertise and position in the market as quickly as possible. Once the market matures, bigger players will enter it, and we need to be able to hold our own. The best way to do that is to partner with other experts – namely, SkyeBase.

They’re going to help push Falcker in Belgium, and we’ll do the same for them in the Netherlands. We both understand the topic of asset inspection platforms because we have developed them ourselves. This means we can explain it to any customer and help them understand the value we can deliver together.

Ultimately, we’re partnering with SkyeBase to try to make the industry more sustainable by developing technologies that can help us to do that. We want to drive efficiency with technology and make the world a better place.

Need help with asset inspection? We’re ready to help today, so contact Falcker now.

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