Falcker Secures Investment To Accelerate Global Growth

Falcker is growing, and growth takes investment. So we’re delighted to announce that we’ve secured funding from Belgium-based venture capital firm 9.5 Ventures. The investment means we can now accelerate growth in strategic storage tank territories, including Central Europe, South East Asia, and North America.

Where We Are Today

This year at Falcker we’ve turned a profit for the first time in our history. It’s something we’ve worked towards, and we’re proud of our achievement. But it doesn’t end there. We want to continue with this momentum.

We know we’re a growing company, and there are two routes we can take to expand into new markets – with investment or without it. With no external investment, we could continue to grow slowly. But this gives competitors the chance to catch up with our market-leading solutions for digitizing the maintenance of storage tanks. 

So for around a year now, we’ve been exploring opportunities to build on our success. Right now we have a powerful platform, happy customers, great partners, and a host of new features. We’re hearing lots of positive noises about Falcker in the marketplace. 

The time is right to scale, and we want to do it properly. That’s why we’ve set out a strategic roadmap for growth.

Where We’re Headed Tomorrow

Our roadmap is based on three key pillars: win more customers, operate more efficiently, and work to a playbook for global growth. By bringing in external investment, we can catalyze growth.

Pace of growth is important. Why? Because we’re in a niche. Today, Falcker is in the right place at the right time. We have a unique proposition. But if we don’t accelerate growth quickly, major players with significant amounts to invest will begin to break into this market. 

By taking no action, we risk losing our lead in the market. We need acceleration to maintain our pole position. Since merging Falcker and Symbioo, we have a strong software development team working in Indonesia to develop new features for our customers. That’s backed up by a growing team that can be easily scaled through an additional, flexible workforce. But we still need to do more to bring our product to new markets.

Clearly, we need a stronger presence in key global hubs. That requires a well-planned ‘land and expand’ strategy. So we’ve set our sights on four key locations: Central Europe, Singapore, Houston, and the Middle East.

The Way Forward With 9.5 Ventures

In each location, we’re planning to optimize the sales cycle and the onboarding of new customers with a hand-picked team of specialists, made up of an Executive Sales Agent, Sales Reps, Preferred Partners, and Delivery Managers responsible for customer success. This model will help us scale our operations all over the world – efficiently, effectively, and at high speed.

Having 9.5 Ventures on board means we can accelerate our expansion. But the benefits of working with them are more than financial. They have valuable insight, knowledge, and business intelligence that can help us shape and structure our company more effectively. They can help take Falcker to the next level, as we set up new legal entities and manage our regulatory responsibilities and compliance in new territories. There are cultural differences that we need to consider.

Inspecting a tank farm can happen anywhere. The challenges are the same all over the world, and we love to help customers by providing a digital solution that adds value to their operations. We’re experts at this. But what’s new to us at Falcker is putting our solution into new countries. Thankfully, with the backing of 9.5 Ventures, we can now focus on what we do best – helping customers. You could say we’ve gone back to our roots. 

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