Falcker To Land And Expand In Singapore And South East Asia

Falcker To Land And Expand In Singapore And South East Asia

After securing funding for our next phase of growth, here at Falcker we’ve set our sights on landing in two new storage tank territories – South East Asia and North America. The problem? We needed to focus on one new market at a time. It was a close-run race, but in the end, Singapore won out. Next time, Houston and the UAE, it’s your time to shine!

We know from experience that moving into new markets takes careful planning and preparation. Prior to setting up a local office, we brought in Edwin Ebrahimi in a Business Development role to secure a launching customer.

Why Singapore and South East Asia?

“With Singapore’s large storage capacity, historical relationship with the Netherlands, and it being the home to regional HQs of some of the biggest global asset owners – it’s the perfect base for us.”

Thomas Schouten, CEO, Falcker

Let’s face it, we know this is a big step for Falcker. However, following global trends, it’s totally logical, and one that we feel will be worth it. The Asia Pacific region leads the world in primary energy consumption and where there’s energy consumption, there’s storage tanks.

Being the home to regional HQs of some of the biggest global asset owners made it an obvious choice of location. Not only is Singapore a regional hub for the energy and chemicals industry, ideal for Falcker, it’s also close to neighboring markets with potential. That includes Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand – countries with mature petroleum and chemical industries.   

In fact, we’re already serving customers in Malaysia through our partner Performance Rotors.

Falcker to fly even further afield 

“With a strong drive towards compliant and sustainable asset management in a turbulent business climate, Falcker is uniquely positioned to support the digital transformation of oil and petrochemical assets across Asia Pacific  .”

Edwin Ebrahimi, Business Development Consultant, Falcker

Bringing our digital solutions for storage tank inspection to the energy sector in South East Asia is just the start. Landing and expanding in Singapore gives us the ideal platform to explore the market in the wider Asia Pacific region. 

Proximity to Western Australia’s petroleum assets, and India’s oil and chemical plants,  represent just two of the many expansion opportunities for our Asset Care Platform and Drone Robotics. 

There are also high-consumption markets such as South Korea, Japan, and China to explore, where our potential customers are tank farm owners. These could be national or international oil companies, independent terminal operators, or petrochemical companies.

Whether your storage tanks are in Europe, Asia, or America, you can digitize inspection now with technology from Falcker. To discover how, contact us

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