It’s Showtime!

We’re winners. More than once in fact.

StocExpo was the first time the whole storage assets industry has been together, physically, in a room for a few years. For us, the event was a 3-day celebration of all the great things going on in the sector. And if that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, we actually won our second award of the year there too.

Let’s fly through a quick recap of the show.

A Digital Trio

StocExpo is an event dedicated to the bulk liquid storage business. Anyone involved in the industry is interested in this event – and we’re definitely on that list. Beyond storage organizations, there are also oil and gas companies, as well as brands from across the chemical and processing industries.

Back in June the Falcker team exhibited the Falcker Asset Care Platform on the stand alongside TWTG. TWTG specializes in industrial IoT and we have a shared connection with VOPAK – as one of our customers. Percepto is a provider of drone-in-a-box solutions and Falcker is a partner and distributor of that great tech, and needless to say, their product drew a lot of attention to the stand. Just like us, Percepto believes in integrating their products and services with their customers backend systems because then they can add real value in the long term.

It’s somewhat ironic that it’s actually much easier to get the solution to a tank facility than it is into a business show! Between reinforced flooring and a specialist crane, we were able to work with Percepto to deliver something a lot of people in the industry hadn’t seen before.

It was set up so that when the lid covering the drone and takeoff mechanism opened, a siren blared and a light flashed. It attracted a lot of attention – which was great for us!. But it was also an indication of the safety protocols needed – especially crucial as robotics and drones will become increasingly important in driving efficiencies in the future.

“Falcker offers a perfect local touch point in the Netherlands along with domain knowledge and industry expertise. We are really happy with the partnership and their software background makes our work together genuinely synergistic. Working with them we were able to speak with a lot of stakeholders at StocExpo and it was a really valuable event.”

Ruud Oudman, Sales Director Europe, Percepto

As part of our education duties, our CDO, Duco Boer, gave a presentation all about asset care and drone robotics and it was great to be able to engage with customers and non-customers alike on the importance of asset care.

Falcker Award Winners

The event ran in tandem with Tank Storage Magazine’s (StocExpo’s media partner) award ceremony.

While we’d found out we’d been shortlisted for the Terminal Optimization award before the show, we knew there was some stiff competition from Smartflow and Actemium. However, on the night of the ceremony, we were delighted to win first place for our asset care platform.

“I was lucky enough to be at the dinner and receive the award on behalf of the team. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone at Falcker for driving innovation in a traditionally conservative sector. We’re taking the next steps with our customers on asset care, robotics, and digitizing the way that companies manage their assets – and that’s always been our mission.”

Barry Redert, CCO, Falcker

This is actually the second award we’ve won in the past 12 months. Alongside the Terminal Optimization Award, we took home the OutSystems Innovation Award in 2021. Our platform and the Falcker team have now been recognized as innovative in both what we’re doing, as well as how we’re doing it.

Continuing our innovative approach, we’re building on our partnership with Percepto further and will soon be able to offer new parts of their range including a more compact drone solution for mobile inspections as well as new camera options including gas imaging sensors. This paves the way for us to offer more value to our customers and makes asset management more efficient and safer.

StocExpo was a great three days – the award was the cherry on top. We can’t wait to see you there next year.

Want to know about how a drone in a box could be your new favorite tool? Speak to Falcker today.

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