Making Moves In Central Europe – Falcker’s Plans For European Expansion

Making Moves In Central Europe–Falcker’s European Expansio

At Falcker, we know our strengths and understand our customers’ needs. Right now, we’re leading the way for the digital inspection of tank farms. Our offer is unique, and our experience is unrivaled. That’s why we’re looking to expand our offer into Central Europe. 

When it comes to the need for digitizing asset inspections, the German-speaking DACH nations – Germany (D), Austria (A), and Switzerland (CH) – together with Czechia are an ideal fit for our drone-based services. In fact, Germany itself has the largest energy industry in Central Europe, so entering that market makes total sense for our services.

Aligning with primary energy consumers

With coastal terminals at Hamburg, Wilhelmshaven, and Rostock, 10 inland refineries, and more than 50 inland product terminals,  Germany is an ideal market to expand Falcker’s business. In addition, Austria, Switzerland, and Czechia represent neighboring viable markets. The industry had recognized the need for enhanced reliability and cost efficiency. Both can be achieved with the support of the Falcker technology.

To make this dream a reality, we’ve already put key human resources in place. We currently have industry insider Frank Schmidt driving Business Development in the region, teaming up with Technical Sales Representatives.

Building a presence in the DACH region

Like every smaller company entering a new market, we know we need to build awareness and develop a presence. That means gaining entry to the boardrooms of our potential customers. We also need experienced sales professionals to optimize the sales cycle and onboard new customers. 

As with other new territories, to scale our operations in the DACH countries we work closely with our partners, through a Delivery Manager. In this way, we can scale our sales and operations efficiently, and at speed. 

As ever, our target audience consists of suitable tank farm owners and operators. In the DACH region, that means petrochemical companies, as well as terminals and refineries operated by international oil companies, independent operators, or joint ventures.

Mobilizing an effective go-to-market strategy 

Any successful go-to-market strategy needs a good understanding of the target market and the key players. So that’s exactly the approach we’re taking in Germany.

First, we pulled together a team of industry experts and sales representatives working with larger customers and industry associations.  For example, we had the opportunity to present our business offer at the  UTV (Unabhängiger Tanklager Verband) which represents almost all independent terminal operators in Germany. 

Second, we are setting up pilot programs across the industry.  We’ve already signed a contract with one of the country’s largest independent operators and have executed a successful pilot.

Third, we’re making inroads into the refinery sector, with a pilot in the planning stage for a potential first customer in 2024. This is another exciting milestone as we move into Central Europe!

Drone-based technology from Falcker enables you to digitize storage tank inspections and use the data to optimize your maintenance programs. To discover how, contact us

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