Many Hats Make Light Work

Do you have a generalist as good as this?

We really love being able to put the spotlight on our team, and this week we’re bringing you another installment – giving credit where credit is due to Daniëlle Kok, who takes care of our marketing and sales. 

Take the mic, Daniëlle!

“Even though I’ve had a lot of jobs over the years, I feel like I’ve really found my niche at Falcker. It’s challenging and rewarding in equal measure, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Daniëlle Kok, Sales and Marketing, Falcker

Jane of All Trades

Hi, I’m Daniëlle! Just like the other members of the Falcker team, I’m here to tell you all about me, my career, and what it’s like to work at Falcker. I won’t waste any time getting started.

Before Falcker, I spent about 20 years in the waste management industry doing a variety of different jobs – that’s a theme, by the way. I worked on both the commercial and the recycling side of things, helping develop sales and collaboration opportunities with other partners to bring new products to market.

But, when COVID-19 hit, I knew it was time for a change. I wanted to spend the last ten years of my working life doing something I loved, which had to be something that would challenge me – and that’s how I ended up at Falcker.

The theme of my whole career is that I’m definitely not a specialist. In fact, my real strength lies in the fact that I can turn my hand to most things, and I always need something to keep me engaged. At Falcker that has meant that I’ve slotted well into sales and marketing, helping support the business, and joining all the techie specialists we have in our team together, to form a single, cohesive unit.

Because so much of the project work we take care of at Falcker is specialist by nature, a lot of our team are experts in very niche fields. What I think I’ve been able to bring to the team is a broader skill set. I would be the first to admit I’m not an expert in anything, but that’s my strength, I’ve done a lot of different things, and that’s how I add value. 

As a generalist, I thrive in team environments where everyone has their own specialization. I connect with the specialists at Falcker, and as we grow, it’s important for me, and the rest of the team, to think about the skills we need and the people we want to bring on board.

Keeping It Fresh

When I started at Falcker, there were three owners and three employees. Now, we’re growing rapidly, and there are lots of extra people being brought into the team. Even though I’m towards the end of my career, I’m not willing to slow down, and I love working with new people, whatever their skill set, because it helps to keep work fresh. 

One of my favorite parts of working at Falcker is helping to find new customers. We’re a region-centric company, because of the nature of large-scale asset clusters, and I love the challenge of starting from scratch and building something great with new people. 

I love building things, and that’s what I do best. At Falcker, I’m helping to build a company that I’m proud to be a part of. I love to learn and work hard, and I’m excited about the opportunities available to me and the whole company.

Want to team up with brilliant people like Daniëlle? Get in touch with Falcker today, we’d love to hear from you.

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