Street View For The Sky

Can you see it from here?

Here’s something you can easily sink your teeth into. We’ve developed Skyview – or at least that’s what we’re calling it right now. It’s still in its infancy, but it’s definitely a game-changer. Just look at that beautiful high-res photo and tell us you wouldn’t love that for your sites.

Visualization is an often advertised benefit of many digital platforms. Most often, it’s in dashboards and data visualizations that people get started trying out a new product. But with Skyview, you can literally see every part of your facility in a level of detail that was before totally unachievable. We know you’re going to love this.

A Great View

Just like everything we develop, the aim of Skyview is to make things better. Whether that’s safer, cheaper, more efficient, or providing more detail – making things better is always the goal. Now that we’ve got that out the way, what can you use Skyview for? It’s for defining all your assets in a single view. The fact it’s easy to get to grips with is precisely what it’s for. Any member of your organization, or a third party, can immediately understand it. Let us explain.

If contractors, like tank building and maintenance companies, need to do a project on a specific terminal, they can get a detailed view of everything. Large tanks are difficult for contractors to get a total view of when they’re up close, and they often obscure the view of other parts of the site while they’re working in one area. Usually, they would need drawings and written instructions, but with this technology, they can get an overview in one place. No more trying to put puzzle pieces together.

What if you have large vehicles on site like cranes and trucks that are likely to block certain routes for everyone else? Well, with Skyview, you can designate driving paths, parking locations, and safe areas for pedestrians and show exactly where they are in a format that anyone can understand.

This means that teams won’t struggle to find out where to go when they’re on site. They aren’t chasing you for additional detail for their risk assessments and method statements. It’s so much more efficient to give contractors a map and an HD view of everything they’ll encounter. It’s also a lot safer. No more surprises for anyone.

Cherry On Top

Part of making things better is giving our customers tools that more people in their organization can use. We see situations where this isn’t just for maintenance and audit teams or third-party contractors, but for upper management as well. What better way to show off your site to your customers than with an ultra-detailed view of your sites? That could be to secure new business or even investment, it’s so powerful to be able to show off what you’re doing.

Right now we’ve only rolled this out to a few customers, but we’re already seeing more interest in it. There’s going to be a real call for it in 2023, and we can’t wait.

Want to get a proper view of everything? Speak to Falcker about Skyview today.

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