TOM’s Great, Let Us Introduce You

Have you met TOM? We’ll introduce you.

Alright, TOM isn’t technically a person, but it is a brilliant tool for asset management. We had to shorten it from Tank Optimization Matrix because that’s not very catchy now, is it? TOM was brought to life out of a customer need, and now it’s one of our most sought-after platforms. Here’s why.

Companies running a big stack of assets – whether they’re tanks, pipes, machinery, or anything in between – have to collect and record a huge amount of information as part of their quality and safety processes. A lot of businesses still manage this in spreadsheets, and that just isn’t efficient. That’s why TOM is here to help.

Reason For Being

Our Tank Optimization Matrix was originally developed to help support an individual customer. They manage an enormous number of assets, and part of that process is recording data specific to each one. Before TOM, this was a largely siloed affair, with different teams running separate spreadsheets for different groups of assets. Not only did this not scale particularly well, but it also lacked traceability and was prone to human error. Its main redeeming feature was that it allowed them to use their own formulas and data structures.

Some of this data is critical to many operations and can include everything from the contents of tanks, their calibration history, sales information, and which customer is currently using them. In short, the information in these logs affects almost every aspect of the customer’s asset management.

In a basic spreadsheet, there aren’t many ways to manage access across teams, and there is little traceability if someone makes changes they didn’t mean to. Also, because many of these spreadsheets developed organically, there were very few people who really knew how any of the formulas they were built on worked. The customer in question recognized these risks and reached out to us to develop something better – something purpose-built for asset management.

See, TOM Is Great

TOM was born out of necessity. TOM is actually a single module of our larger asset care platform, but it’s something we have seen the industry crying out for. While it isn’t a huge jump in visuals, it just works, and that’s what asset managers want. It has the same functionality in terms of calculations that your normal spreadsheet software would have, the only difference is that we set it all up for you. You just have to send across the data you want to capture and store – we take care of the rest. TOM can be your master dataset for every tank specification that you have. One place, all your data – simple.

TOM has a clear UI that anyone can get to grips with after just a couple of hours of training. That means any team in any department can use it, all the while giving you more confidence in the quality and security of your data. Whenever a change is made to the data, all other team members linked to that section are automatically notified. In combination with a user permissions system, you can limit user access to only what they need to see and change.

We want TOM to work for any asset, not just tanks. That might require a name change down the line, but right now we’re focused on making it even more usable and powerful for the companies that take it on. The beauty of the whole thing is that we set it all up and businesses reap the benefits of traceability, security, and control straight away.

Want a better way to manage your assets? Speak to Falcker today.

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